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Frenectomies (Tongue-Tie)

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Frenectomies (Tounge-Tie) 

22nd@Taylor Dental Care is the only dental care office in Red Deer to offer Frenectomy procedures. Frenectomy, also called tongue-tie is a procedure in which a person’s lingual frenulum is cut. It is the most common condition in newborn children at birth and is done when the frenulum seems unusually short or tight and impairs a child’s ability to breastfeed. Someone who has a tongue-tie might have difficulty sticking out his/her tongue or with speech and pronunciation. Frenectomy is a simple process but requires a lot of concentration due to the sensitivity of the cut length and position in the mouth. Contact us for more information.

"We are passionate about how your dental health effects your overall health and wellbeing."

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There are a myriad of topics when considering one's oral health and an equal number of questions that come up during routine check ups.  Does my child need fluoride supplements?  Is the mercury in my silver fillings doing any long term harm to my health?  What are the sterilization methods used in the dental office?

We are passionate about promoting good health through high quality dentistry, education, and promoting excellent oral health and hygiene. We offer services including: Emergency dentistry, dental hygiene, fillings, same day crowns, dental bridges, invisible braces, extractions, full mouth restoration, non-surgical gum therapy, implant restoration, orthodontics and orthopedics, porcelain inlays/onlays, porcelain veneers, root canal therapy, TMJ therapy, sedation dentistry, athletic mouthwear, migrain pain prevention, and teeth whitening.

We are a proud member of the Canadian Dental Association. Check these links often for current information, news and resources American Dental Association and Canadian Dental Association.

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