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Relieving the Pain of Migraines

Did you know that even though the pain of a migraine is felt in your head, it could actually be caused by a problem with your temporomandibular joints (TMJs)? At 22nd@Taylor Dental Care, we offer a Migraine Pain Prevention Therapy service that includes an examination of your upper and lower jaw to identify the root cause of your migraines and treat it effectively. One of our most successful prevention methods is fitting a stabilization splint - a small, comfortable mouthpiece that helps stop teeth clenching or grinding, and in most cases, prevents headaches or migraines.

A migraine is a type of headache that can be very painful and uncomfortable. It can last for hours or even days, and it often comes with other symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, and dizziness.

Going to the dentist when you have a migraine can help because they will be able to look at your teeth and gums to see if there is an issue causing the pain in your head. Your mouth has many nerves that connect directly to your brain, so any problems here could be contributing to your migraines. If this is the case, then having dental work done may help reduce the frequency of migraines you experience.

If you are grinding your teeth at night due to stress then using a bite guard while sleeping may also provide relief from headaches during the day because it will prevent further damage from occurring in this area of your mouth.

Don't let migraines interfere with your daily life. Contact 22nd@Taylor Dental Care today to book an appointment and find relief from the pain. Visiting the dentist is important if you are dealing with a migraine.

Migraine Pain Prevention

  • What is laser dentistry?
    The laser beam is focused on a single point, allowing the dentist to precisely target specific areas of the mouth with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Does laser skin resurfacing hurt?
    Laser skin treatments are renowned for their swift results, although they may cause a bit of discomfort during the procedure. Most patients describe the sensation as a brief, minimal pain that fades as the skin acclimatizes to the feeling.
  • Is laser dentistry more expensive than traditional treatments?
    Laser dentistry may cost more than traditional treatments, depending on the dental clinic and type of procedure performed. However, laser dentistry results in shorter healing times, less pain, and fewer complications, reducing the overall cost of the treatment and making it a worthwhile investment.
  • What are the benefits of laser dentistry?
    Laser dentistry comes with several benefits, including minimal to no pain, less bleeding and swelling, and reduced healing times. Additionally, it offers more precision and accuracy compared to traditional treatments, which can improve treatment outcomes. Laser dentistry is also ideal for patients who are anxious about undergoing dental procedures as the procedure is minimally invasive and does not require anesthesia.
  • What types of dental conditions can be treated with laser dentistry?
    Laser dentistry can treat various dental conditions, including cavities, gum diseases, teeth whitening, root canal infections, gum reshaping, and biopsies. Laser dentistry is a versatile technology that can be used in many dental procedures, replacing traditional treatments for some purposes.
  • Is laser dentistry an appropriate treatment for everyone?
    Laser dentistry is not suitable for everyone. For instance, laser dentistry cannot be used on patients with metal implants or patients with pacemakers. In addition, patients with severe dental conditions may require traditional treatment options. Our dental professionals will assess each patient's situation and recommend the best treatment options based on their dental history, current condition, and overall health.
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