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The Benefits of Adult Braces

Our patient’s comfort and overall wellbeing are our top priority. At 22nd @ Taylor Dental Care, we aim to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing environment. We will exceed your expectations through professional results and our friendly staff.

Many adults often wonder if they're too old for braces, the answer is absolutely not! There is no age limit on having a healthy, confident smile. Braces can offer far more benefits than simply straightening your teeth. Although they've generally been thought of as a cosmetic procedure, there are many health benefits associated with braces.


For most adults, getting braces is usually tied to seeking increased self-esteem. How you feel about your smile can have a huge impact on your self-confidence and mental health, after all.

Studies even show that irregular teeth can have an impact on selecting a partner and may actually influence how attractive we find a potential mate.

Once the braces are removed, however, you'll have a smile you can truly be proud of showing off to the world! It's been said that the simple act of smiling can make you happier and reduce stress.

Better Brushing

Overlapping, crowded, or crooked teeth can be difficult to properly clean, as there are more areas where a toothbrush simply doesn't fit. Bacteria likes to find its way into every nook and cranny and starts to build up between teeth causing bad breath and can eventually lead to more serious problems such as gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay.

Braces will help straighten your teeth and improve their position in your mouth, allowing you easier access to remove plaque and achieve a cleaner, brighter smile.

Fresher Breath

Unfortunately, crowded, overlapping, and crooked teeth can also lead to unpleasant breath. As previously mentioned, it can be hard to brush and floss around those particular areas, causing food particles to build up in hard-to-reach places.

Braces create fewer spaces between your teeth, allowing you to chew your food into smaller pieces. Those smaller pieces make it possible for your stomach to digest much faster, as it is able to work more efficiently, compared to processing larger bites.

Less Risk of Injury

Another benefit of braces is reducing the risk of a tooth-related injury. Some accidents can occur while playing sports or other unexpected accidents, resulting in a chipped or cracked tooth. A tooth injury is more likely to occur if teeth are protruding more than others. With braces, any protruding teeth are re-aligned and become better protected.

Improved Speech

Misaligned teeth might not be the only thing that makes you feel self-conscious. The way your tongue moves against your teeth can affect how you pronounce certain words and impact your overall speech, leaving you to feel embarrassed.

One of the most unexpected benefits of braces I that they can help improve your speech!

Know The Benefits of Adult Braces

It's never too late to transform your smile! The benefits of braces far exceed just leaving you with a picture-perfect smile. Braces can help improve your lifestyle through newfound confidence and overall health by lowering your risk of certain oral health diseases.

We cannot wait to meet you!


At 22nd @ Taylor Dental Care in Red Deer, we are passionate and driven to improve your physical health by treating your dentistry and oral hygiene needs. Dentistry for the whole family includes laser dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, sleep studies, sleep appliances, TMJ treatment, wisdom teeth removal, root canals, implants, Invisalign, and tongue ties. We are here to listen to your dental needs and provide you with options for your best dental health. We will show you the many links between the health of your mouth and your body. We have some incredible methods for making dentistry easy and comfortable. Follow us on Instagramand Facebook for tips, updates, and dental education.

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